Why Setting a Good Example to Your Children Is Essential

Recent statistics have revealed that child obesity throughout the world today is increasing at an alarming rate; not just in the world’s richest countries but in many undeveloped countries too which depicts that the human race has become indolent. This situation will not only affect your grandchildren but their children as well and if something is not done this dilemma will continue to deteriorate.

Governments and academics are at a loss to find a way to reverse this appalling trend which has been brought about by your generation. After the difficult times that followed World War II, it was refreshing to be able to buy ready-made meals and take-away food. Life had been harsh for a number of years and small luxuries were seen as an entitlement and why not?

Fast forward forty years and in many homes the kitchen has the least use; the cookers are like new because many families exist on ready meals and convenience foods. Manufacturers of these meals cut corners and add unhealthy fats, excessive salt and sugar to enhance and preserve the flavors encouraging repeat business.

This promotes the cycle of laziness that thrives in society today and puts a great burden on the health services of many nations. Doctors are over-worked because of the self-inflicted ailments that you impose upon yourself often creating further medical problems and illness.

Your children and grandchildren are getting fatter because they follow the example of their parents and grandparents. How can you tell your grandchild to take up a sport or take some sort of exercise if your lifestyle is anything but active?

An example must be set and it is down to you to transform your life for the sake of the generations to come. After all if you are not eating a nutritious diet comprising fresh fruit and vegetables and your cupboards are full of processed foods and ready meals, you cannot expect your grandchildren to eat healthily.

Many of today’s youth are very astute and do not miss a trick; they normally have an answer for everything so the only way to ensure that they are eating a proper diet and getting enough exercise is to show them how it is done. This could involve some argument initially but if you are doing right by yourself you are in turn doing your best for them and this will be evident for everyone to see.

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