15 Ways to Look Younger

If there is one thing that the majority of us would like to have within our life, it is to look younger and have younger looking skin for as long as we can. However, with age comes the inevitable aging process, which takes a toll on our bodies. Even with this as the cold fact of life, not all is lost. There are numerous ways you can stay looking younger despite your actual age. From countless skin care routines, utilizing the best anti-aging creams, and implementing natural impactful day-to-day elements work wonders for obtaining that youthful appearance you are aspiring to have.

1. Sleep Better

Though staying up all night may be a preference you have, sleep has a tremendous impact on the way you look. When you are sleep deprived, you will have ashen skin and dark, puffy under-eye circles, which collectively take away from your youthful appearance. Set a regular bedtime routine that allows you to get at least eight solid hours of sleep each night. If you have insomnia, talk with your doctor to discuss the best options you can do.

2. Moisturize Daily

Moisturizing every day is one of the best anti-aging methods you can do to maintain and improve the quality of your skin. To achieve this, invest in respected face creams and serums that are designed to make you look younger. Finding and using quality day and night creams prevents the development of dry skin, fine-line, and wrinkles.  

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercise not only makes you feel energized and younger, but it also actually makes you younger from a DNA level. Studies have shown that exercising regularly keeps your DNA healthy and youthful.  The act of exercising is linked to turning off the aging process in your chromosomes by lengthening the telomeres, which tend to shrink when we age. 

4.  Eat a Healthy Diet

What you eat has a drastic impact on achieving younger looking skin. Having a well-balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables, especially foods that contain leafy greens and vitamin C, have been shown to improve skin quality, elasticity and reduce the formation of wrinkles. 

5. Stay Hydrated

Along with eating correctly, make sure you drink enough water each day to stay well hydrated. Not only is water essential to your health, but it also impacts your youthful appearance as well. When you do not drink enough, your skin can turn dry and look more cracked and wrinkled. To have glowing, younger looking skin, drink at least half your weight in ounces daily.

6. Use Sunscreen

If you are an avid sun tanner, you may be doing more harm than good for your younger looking skin goals. The sun is one of the leading causes of premature aging.  With this in mind, being diligent with sunscreen use when you are outside will protect you from those harmful UV rays that have been known to cause wrinkles, skin spots, and elasticity reduction.

7. Wash Your Face Daily

Before starting any of your moisturizing skin care routines, make sure to wash your face each day, preferably at night, so the dirt is not sitting there overnight festering. Washing your face allows you to clear your pores and prevent acne breakouts, all of which can make you appear less youthful.

8. Do Facial Muscle Exercises

Though this may sound silly, facial exercises do work to improve your looks by tightening and firming. Furthermore, the stretching and face movements promote better blood circulation, which helps fight against the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Doing facial muscle exercises twice a day is ideal for getting the best results.

9. Stop Smoking

If you do not smoke, then that is excellent! However, if you do, you may want to consider quitting to improve your overall health and to look younger. Smoking is known to speed up the natural aging process that even the best anti-aging creams have a hard time fighting against. Smoking not only can dry out your skin, but it also encourages the development of fine-line and wrinkles, which is what you do not want if you are on a mission for younger looking skin. 

10. Avoid Alcohol 

Just like smoking, alcohol is another culprit that accelerates the aging process. Having a drink here and there is generally fine to do, but anything excessive can have detrimental effects on both your health and skin. Alcohol causes wrinkles, skin dryness, puffiness, and add years to your face.

11. Speak to a Dermatologist

If you want to have medially enhanced improvements, then take some time to find a reputable dermatologist who you can discuss your youthful appearance goals with. These doctors are highly professional and experienced in skincare and will surely be able to find you a medical option that works perfectly for you and your desires.

12. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Not everything about looking younger has to do with your skin.  Sometimes the simple act of changing up your style to be fresher and trendier can do wonders for your overall appearance.  Upgrade your wardrobe with fashionable assets that compliment your features to make yourself look and feel younger.

13. For Men – Pay Attention to The Beard

If you have a beard, then chances are you are already aware that as you age, it can become coarser and dryer over the years. Take care of your facial hair through proper grooming and by moisturizing it with beard oils for a younger appeal. Another drastic route you can do is shave it, which has been linked to shedding years off.

14. For Women – Makeup Choices Matter

If you wear makeup regularly, make sure to know exactly what you are putting on your face. Certain brands contain chemicals that can harm your skin over time, such as causing acne and drying your skin out. With that in mind, it is recommended to use all-natural options instead. Another tip would be not to overdo it because too much makeup can make you look older. Remember to always use makeup to enhance your features, not cover them up. 

15. Be Happy

You may have heard that smiling causes wrinkles, especially around your eyes.  Though yes, this is true, and those lines can form over time, being happy can actually make the aging process much slower. When you are genuinely happy, it allows you to look younger and have a much more youthful appearance than if you were miserable every day. Research has found that those who are happy tend to live longer lives and can have positive biological age impacts. The reason for this is because those who are happy typically make better and healthier decisions for themselves, like eating right and implementing excellent skin care routines. It has also been proven that happy people usually have fewer fine lines and wrinkles and have much more resilient skin, overall making them look years younger than they really are. 


Having a younger looking skin and aiming to get that desired youthful appearance is an aspiration for millions of people. Most react to getting older in two different ways. They either fight it, or surrender and do nothing. In all reality, both reactions are perfectly fine to take. However, if you are the fighting type, then you can be confident that there are ways to help you with your goals. By trying out some, or all, of the 15 tips provided above, you will undoubtedly be able to get the best anti-aging effects that you have been after to look years younger.

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