The Essentials of Skincare Every Man Should Know

Gone are the days when men with unkempt and untidy appearance were considered to be more masculine and attractive. Back in the day, looking after your skin and using skincare products were mainly associated with women. Luckily, there has been a change in the way people perceive skincare in terms of gender. Now, more than ever, men have started to realize that washing their faces with regular bath soap isn’t enough to keep the skin healthy, clear, and youthful. Skincare has now become as crucial for men as it has been for women. However, most men like to keep it simple so they don’t have to spend a lot of time on their skincare rituals. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of the most significant tips and tricks of a skincare routine for men. Here’s a worry-free skincare routine every man should follow:

Cleanse Your Skin Gently

Cleansing is one of the most fundamental and significant steps toward clear and glowing skin. Always use a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser or face wash to get rid of sebum, grime, toxins, and bacteria accumulated in your pores. Mainstream bath soaps contain harsh chemicals that can strip the skin of essential moisture and may not cleanse the pores properly, leading to various skin woes. For oily skin, a mild and water or gel-based cleanser is your best option while a cream-based cleanser is great for dry or normal skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Getting fresh, even-toned, and vibrant skin is impossible without sloughing off dead skin that buildup in the pores. If your skin is dry and sensitive or gets easily aggravated by using physical scrubs, opt for a chemical exfoliator. Chemical exfoliators, like AHAs and BHAs, help to clear out dead skin cells from the pores without over-drying or irritating the skin. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week to reveal glowing and soft skin underneath.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Deeply hydrated and moisturized skin not only looks plump, healthy, and smooth, it also stays younger for a lot longer. We come in contact with certain factors on a daily basis, such as harsh weather, UV rays, hot bath water, and harsh products, which draw out water and moisture from the skin. This can make the skin appear dull, dehydrated, and speed up the process of aging. Hence, choose a moisturizer with humectant ingredients to retain moisture and protect its lipid barrier.

Apply Sunscreen Religiously

Sun damage is one of the most prominent reasons behind a majority of skin issues, including, dryness, discoloration, and wrinkles. This is why it’s quintessential to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen year-round in order to shield the skin against harmful UV radiations and free radicals. These elements damage skin cells and lower the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin. So, always slather an ample amount of sunscreen (SPF 30 or above) to your face and other body parts exposed to the sun.

Pamper and Repair Your Skin before Bed

If you believe that men don’t need to cleanse, treat, and repair their skin before bed, you are making the biggest mistake that your skin will have to pay for in the years to come. Our skin goes through a lot during the day and takes a beating over time, mainly due to oxidative damage and the natural process of aging. Therefore, it’s highly important that you cleanse your skin to remove pollutants from the surface of the skin and apply a nourishing and repairing serum and night cream. This step will ensure long-lasting elastic, spotless, and bright skin. Look for a product enriched with natural ingredients, like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and retinol.

Add an Eye Cream to your Skincare

Are you struggling with tired-looking eyes even after good eight hours of sleep? Well, it can be a sign of advancing age or skin damage due to certain internal or external elements. Since eyes are the most delicate area of the face that’s easily susceptible to damage, it needs extensive care. In order to prevent and treat under-eye problems, such as dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, and fine lines, you are required to take good care of your paper-thin under-eye area. The persistent use of eye creams with good quality ingredients will keep the eyes looking youthful, fresh, and bright in the long run. It’s preferable to apply a nutrient-packed eye cream every night to allow it to work through the night.

Manage Your Skin Problems

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prevent and treat your skin problems. Men are equally likely to suffer from acne breakouts, blackheads, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and premature wrinkles. If your main concern is dry and sensitive skin, go for oil-based and non-aggravating skincare products. If you are struggling with oily or acne-prone skin, make oil-free, chemical-free, and non-comedogenic products your priority. Also, if you want a fast-acting acne treatment, try zit patches for reducing inflammation and acne overnight. Similarly, to minimize premature wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, find products with active ingredients targeted at alleviating these concerns.

Use the Right Shaving Techniques

Fellas, besides providing perfectly shaved skin, your multi-blade razors can lead to many unwanted changes in your skin. Most of you must be familiar with the bumps, inflammation, and ingrown hair caused by a multi-blade razor. That’s because these blades work too close to the skin and hair follicles. It’s suggested to use single or double-blade razors to reduce the probability of skin these skin problems. Also, remember that stretching your skin while shaving or going against the grain of the hair can also remove the facial hair too close to the follicles, ending up with damaged or infected skin. Discard and replace your shaving razor after 5 to 6 shaves to prevent skin irritation. Additionally, always moisten the skin with water to make it soft before shaving and follow with a moisturizing shaving gel or cream. Choosing non-alcoholic and chemical-free pre-shaving products and after-shave is also essential.

Final Word

Every man deserves to treat his skin with more than just bath soap, a splash of water, and an after-shave. Following a proper and solid skincare routine is mandatory for both men and women. You don’t need to over-complicate your skincare routine or spend hours to get a smooth, vibrant, and problem-free complexion. Following the above-mentioned simple yet effective skincare tips and steps can help you take better care of your skin and look handsome without much hassle.

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