How to Thicken the Hair without Surgery

Thick hair is something we all wish for, especially as we get older. As we age the hair is receiving fewer nutrients needed to keep the hair follicles rejuvenated. Hence, fewer benefits being added to promote thicker hair. In addition, genetics play a big part in the overall texture of our hair.

However, there are multiple ways that we can thicken our hair. And, they don’t have to be done through surgery. While surgery is a great option that has its pros and cons, the natural ways are even better. Depending on the chosen method, they improve the overall health of your hair, including thickening it.

 Here are 5 naturals ways to thicken your hair without surgery:

1.   Using Natural Oils – You can incorporate natural oils into your hair regimen for thicker hair. Each oil is rich in different nutrients that our scalp needs to promote thicker hair growth. Once applied to our shaft or scalp, it will impart the minerals needed to repair and/or rejuvenate our thin hair strands.

The best way to apply them is by massaging the scalp with the oil. Massaging the scalp aids in increasing blood flow to the scalp. So, the scalp can receive what it needs to promote healthy thicker hair.  

Examples of Oils to Use:

a. Castor Oil
b. Rosemary Oil
c. Amla Oil
d. Olive Oil
e. Coconut Oil
f. Jojoba Oil

You can mix all the oils into an applicator bottle or add them to your favorite hair products. With either method, the oil penetrates the scalp for it to work its magic.

2.   Eating Protein-Rich Foods – The molecular structure of our hair is 90% protein, specifically keratin. Keratin is what enhances the thickness of our hair strands. In addition, it allows it to be able to stand to any form of mechanical, environment or chemical damage.

We recommend increasing your protein intake in order to improve the thickness of your hair. Once consumed regularly, then the nutrients will be embedded to the bloodstream to nourish the scalp’s new growth.

 Examples of protein-rich foods include:

a. Chicken Breast
b. Fish
c. Nuts (Almonds, Cashes)
d. Greek Yogurt
e. Eggs
f. Protein shakes
g. Tuna
h. Salmon

3.   Rogaine – Rogaine is an over the counter medication that is being lauded for its success in reversing hair loss. It has been through many rounds of testing by any and every one and even has been FDA-approved. If it can reverse hair loss, why wouldn’t it improve the hair’s thickness? The main chemical part in Rogaine is minoxidil which does the job.

Minoxidil can revive the weak, damaged or dead hair follicles. It is from our hair follicles that new growth, as well as sebum for the new growth, happens. Hence, it will be in an ideal state in order to promote thick hair.

In addition, the minoxidil contains botanical extracts and emollients needed for the scalp. Our scalp is the powerhouse for our hair so if it’s not healthy, then neither is the rest of our hair strands. The extracts will aid in maintaining a conditioned scalp for it to work optimally.

Although it’s over the counter, make sure to contain to your licensed physician before taking any form of new medication into your body.

4.   Taking Vitamins – Vitamins are recommended by our health care professionals to be taken daily. Unfortunately, our diet is not able to provide the body with “ALL” the nutrients that I need. Hence, we take vitamins for the minerals that our body is lacking.

These would include folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B, etc. Once the vitamins are taken daily, they are broken down into the bloodstream. The blood is the transport system that provides the various areas of the body with the minerals.

The scalp is usually the last area to get the benefits hence it’s good that you are taking vitamins. Once the minerals are received by the scalp it will aid in imparting the thickening properties to the new growth. Thus, allowing for thicker and stronger hair growth.

Examples of Vitamins to take:

a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D
e. Vitamin E
f. Zinc
g. Iron

We recommend talking to your licensed physician to decide which vitamins are right for you based on your gender, health issues, body needs, etc.

5.   Using Ayurvedic Herbs – Ayurveda is an Eastern medicine tradition whereby natural herbs from the earth are used to improve the overall health of the body. These herbs are absorbed into the body using teas or oils. One of the benefits includes thickening your hair.

Ayurvedic herbs are rich in minerals that will penetrate the hair strands to rejuvenate it. It will repair the hair strands with the keratin needed to fill any gaps along the strand. As well as, strengthen any weak, old or damaged hair strands. Thus, improving and retaining the thickness of each strand.

Examples of Ayurvedic Herbs that you can use are:

a. Amla
b. Bhringraj
c. Henna
d. Brahmi
e. Shikakai
f. Neem, and
g. Fenugreek.

They can be added into your regimen by massaging your hair will the oil or adding the herbs into your various hair products (such as shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizer).

Once the steps are added into your hair regimen, you will surely see a difference.

Bear in mind that these are not over the night success treatments. It will not work immediately after a couple of days. You must be diligent and consistent in utilizing one or all the methods. Once you are, you will truly see the benefits that you desire which are to achieve thick hair without surgery.  

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