How to Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles on Your Neck?

While we all tend to pay close attention to pampering our faces, we often neglect the skin below our jawline. The delicate skin on your neck and décolletage need as much care as your face. Y-zone is the part of your body that starts to show wrinkles as early as your 20s. So, it’s important to never forget that no matter how many luxurious serums, creams, and lotions you apply to your face, the wrinkles on your neck can make all your hard work go in vain.

This is the reason more and more people are now realizing the significance of taking a jump start at preventing wrinkles on the neck or treating them at an early stage when the damage is easily repairable. Undoubtedly, a preventive approach can help to save a lot of effort and time needed once wrinkles and fine lines are deeper and more prominent. A vigilant skincare routine, daily habits and a healthy lifestyle are central to keeping the skin on your neck free from wrinkles for a lot longer. If you’re noticing creasing and folding on your neck and searching for useful ways to get rid of them, you’re at the right place!

What Causes Wrinkles on Neck?

To determine which treatment or product would work the best for you, let’s start by understanding what’s causing the skin on your neck to lose its elasticity and look wrinkly. A few of the possible reasons that lead to wrinkles on the neck are aging, oxidative stress, genetics, wrong sleeping position, tech neck, repeated movements, and inappropriate nutrition, etc. Let’s have a peek at what can are the treatment options available to reduce and avoid wrinkles on the neck.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Neck?

Following are some of the useful and known ways of minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the neck:

Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Moisturize Your Neck

The biggest mistake we often make while following our daily skincare rituals is to neglect the neck. Just like the skin on any other part of your body, the skin on the neck also needs regular cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration to stay clear, smooth, and elastic in the long run. Choose skincare products that suit your specific skin type and concern and treat your neck with the same love and care you treat your face.

Use Anti-Aging Neck Cream

Whenever we hear the word wrinkles or fine lines, aging is the first factor that pops in our mind. No doubt, aging is the primary cause of all sorts of wrinkles that appear on your body over time. Since the skin on your neck and décolletage is thin, it contains lesser collagen, pores, and sebaceous glands. It means that this particular area of your body is naturally more prone to wrinkling and the breakdown of collagen and dehydration make the condition worse. Therefore, consider using a neck cream specifically designed for the thin skin on your neck. Find a formula with moisturizing, nourishing, and hydrating anti-aging skincare ingredients, such as retinol and vitamin C.

Protection from Oxidative Damage

Oxidative stress is another prominent factor that causes various signs of aging to emerge, including wrinkles on the neck. UV rays, free radicals, and other pollutants lead to the breakdown of collagen and deplete the skin’s natural moisture. This results in the formation of premature wrinkling and sagging. In order to protect the skin of your neck from the harmful outside environment, apply and reapply a broad-spectrum sunscreen (at least SPF 30) regularly throughout the day.

Avoid Tech Neck

We all know that it’s the time of digital devices and social media where everyone is busy on their cell phones all the time. One of the most unwanted challenges of technological advancements is “tech neck”. It is referred to as the 45-degree angle of your head that you make when looking at your mobile or computer screen. Tech neck is known to result in the development of premature wrinkles on the neck. So, looking down on your mobile phone or computer repeatedly for a long period of time can make you look older than your actual age. It’s highly vital to pay attention to the amount of time you spend using digital devices. Don’t forget to give your neck a break from social media from time to time.

Be Cautious of Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping in the wrong position frequently is also linked to the early onset of wrinkles on the neck and décolletage. The recurrent folding and crumpling of the skin due to squishing of the neck is seen to cause horizontal lines on the neck in back sleepers who use high pillows. In a similar manner, side sleepers are more susceptible to getting vertical lines or wrinkles on their chest, also known as sleep cleavage. Hence, it’s crucial to be mindful of the position you sleep in every night and the type of pillow you use. These cautionary steps can reduce the chances of lines and fold appearing on your neck and chest areas.

Opt for Invasive Procedures

There are a number of clinical treatments that can help to get rid of wrinkles on the neck effectively and faster. Dermal fillers are one of the quickest ways to make unattractive neck fold disappear instantly. Botox injections are yet another fast way of eliminating neck wrinkles. However, these two are only a temporary solution and you might need to get them again in a few months.

Laser treatment is an excellent method for boosting collagen production and tightening loose muscles, helping you to achieve longer-lasting results as compared to most other procedures. Surgical procedures, such as neck lift, provide a more permanent wrinkle-free effect on the neck. So, discuss various options with your doctor before embarking on your course of treatment.

The Bottom Line

Your neck and décolletage is naturally at a disadvantage to begin with when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, it’s implicit that your neck needs as much, if not more, care as your face and other areas. With proper skincare, some changes to your lifestyle, and specific treatment, you can get rid of wrinkles on your neck. Skincare products aimed at treating wrinkles on the neck are a great at-home alternative to expensive and temporary clinical procedures. So, start paying close attention to your neck today if you’re not doing that already to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

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