Hair Tricks That Make You Look Younger

You might probably think that your hair should be the last thing to think about as a way to appear younger, but once you start reaching your 40’s, hair loss and the change in your hair color are one of the first signs of aging. Luckily for us, most celebrities and hairstylists have already addressed that issue and came up with simple tips and tricks to use your hair to appear younger and healthier. So if you ever wondered why some women (especially celebrities) who are the same age as you are, look much younger, this is your chance to get a full-on scoop of their youth fountain secrets.

Get bangs

Bangs tend to have a more youthful and fun feel to them, getting some cute bangs will not only give your hair the volume it needs but it can also re-shift the focus of your skin and hide any wrinkles and fine line on your forehead area.

Layer your cut

With age, our hair tends to thin out and appear dull and less voluminous, this where your hairstylist comes, by opting for a layered cut your hair will look fresh and will create a fake volume and waviness that is usually hard to get when your hair is not thick and strong.

Embrace your natural hair

If you have a natural and funky hair texture, now is the perfect time to embrace it and show it off, what most women find difficult after their 40’s is being able to add a natural-looking texture and volume to their everyday hairstyles. Make sure to use curl-enhancing hair products to celebrate your natural curls.

Mess up your ponytail

Having a super slick ponytail or bun can make you look older, because hiding all your hair behind your head can eventually shift all the focus to your face and magnetize your wrinkles and fine lines, instead, use your fingers to gently mess up your hairdo and make it appear more fun, messy and youthful.

Focus on the shine

Another thing that happens to our hair over time is that it tends to lose its natural shine and appear dull and uneven color-wise. Focus on bringing back some shine to your locks by investing in shampoos and conditioners that deeply nourish your hair and give it a glossy finish.

Getting a weekly oil bath or hair mask can also deeply nourish your hair and intensify its shine to make you look healthier and younger.

Part your hair on the side

Parting your hair on the side gives your hair some extra volume, a center part can sometimes look dull, instead have fun with it and create some messy side parts and some zigzags to also hideaway your grey hairs.


Braids can make a woman look much younger, as it is typically hairstyle used by younger girls. But it something any woman can pull off, try a crown braid if you have longer hair or have fun trying out new side braids now and then, either way, braids are an easy (and fun) way to play with your hair, give a youthful and messy look while also changing up your style.

Get wavy highlights

One of the best tips for older women when changing up their hair is to go for a lighter color; you can either go all platinum blond like Cate Blanchet or go for softer wavy highlights to give you your hair more volume and extra texture. Either way, it is the perfect way to look younger and hide away any grey hair in a super subtle way.

Use anti-aging hair products

Now is probably a very good time to change up your hair products and try oils, shampoos and conditioners that target your hair issues related to aging. Some ingredients found in hair care products dedicated to anti-aging include, caffeine, biotin, glycolic acid, and niacinamide.

You can also find a number of hair products dedicated to giving more volume, thickening out your hair and keeping your hair looking shiny and glossy.

Take supplements

Taking supplements is very important once you’re at a certain age, in order to restore the collagen production, soften your skin, and give you many health benefits. But that goes for your hair as well; taking supplements such as biotin or collagen can increase the volume of your hair and help you maintain a strong and healthy hair. Many studies have shown the importance of biotin in maintaining healthy and shiny hair. You can also include biotin-rich foods in your diet such as peanuts, raspberries, and cheese.

Protect your hair from UV rays

Sun damage is a real thing, it holds negative effects on your skin and especially on your hair, we tend to use protective measures against sun damage by covering up or wearing sunscreen, but it is very rare to pay attention to our hair and protect it from harmful UV rays and free radicals, this usually leads to your hair to become dry, damaged and losing its color and shine.

Try to change up your haircut regularly and wear hats outside as much as you can. I also recommend using a protective spray on your hair.

Try short hairstyles

Most of the time, growing older means that our hair starts to thin out, and because of that long hair does not look flatting anymore, which is why we recommend getting a shorter hairstyle such as a bob or a pixie cut. Your hairstylist can give you many options and ideas for what will look most flattering on you, they are trained professionals who can definitely help you get that youthful and fun look you’ve been wishing for.


With age, our skin tends to be drier and that goes for our scalps as well. It’s why most women suffer from flaky and itchy scalps which over time leads to hair loss. Try to moisturize your hair weekly using a hair mask of a mix of oils for relaxing oil bath

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