Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – Advantages and Disadvantages

Sometimes situation may arise in life when a child has grown up being raised by grandparents. The sudden death, divorce and parental abuse leave the children in the custody of grandparents. The best people in such a time to raise the children are grandparents. The present US legislation on grandparent’s rights to raise their grandchildren is limited in that it requires prior court approval and sanction to take custody and of the child. This is so important when either one or the two parents object to the visitation and grandparents rights even if the child wants to visitation.

Now the important question that arises here is; are all grandparents able to care for their grandchildren? The answer to this question is both yes and no which means that the fundamental right of parents to raise their children can not be questioned. The aim of finding a solution to this dilemma is to protect the best interest of the child. In their young ages the children may become emotionally upset because of the family troubles.

Some Advantages of Grandparenting:

Looking after a child keeps the grandparents energetic and vibrant even though their health may not be suitable for a continuous activity. They develop a security feeling that grandchildren may look after them when they become too dependent on others due to old age. Among grandparents, grandmothers have a distinct role when looking after a child. Children develop more attachment towards their grandmothers because most of the time the grandmother baths, feeds and even reads books to them. Research has shown that when children are cared for by their grandmothers, they have lesser possibility of getting bodily injuries. When the children are looked after by the parents or other near relatives often they forget to watch the children while they get involved in other work. Grandparents are more cautious about children and their safety.

The Disadvantages of Grandparenting:

Not all grandparents are capable of raising their grandchildren. They might have their own problems which make them unfit for looking after a child. The death of a child’s parents often put the responsibility on the grandparents to raise the children. An important issue is the loss of memory. Grandparents may forget to give medicines to the child or they may forget to buy something important for them. Those with physical disabilities and problems may find it difficult to look after children. The poor financial status of the grandparents may affect the child’s health and education.

The success of grandparenting depends on various factors. It includes the physical and mental health of the grandparents, the support they get from other relatives and the community, the financial status and the emotional and health problems of the children. Grandparents raising grandchildren is a more loving option than a child being placed with strangers.

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