Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Eyelashes

Who doesn’t want voluminous and beautiful lashes? But not all of us are born with them. Thousands of mascara formulas are available in the market, but if you are looking for an instant solution, a false pair of lashes is your only resort. The thing is, applying glue and making sure the strips stick to your lash line perfectly requires a lot of thought and planning. What if I tell you there’s a better alternative to all this? Yes, there is a solution to it, and it’s called “magnetic eyelashes!”

It’s a brand new beauty invention that has got the attention for many and all for good reasons. Magnetic eyelashes are available in different styles for different occasions. Are you curious to know what are and how to use them? Read along.

What are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are just like any other false lashes, but they have nearly invisible magnets placed with the lash lines. They lock together with your very natural eyelash line. No adhesive is required for them to stick.

Types of Magnetic Lashes

Whether you want subtly sexy lashes or doe-eyed ones, magnetic lashes come in different types. Let’s have a look:

  1. Handmade lashes: These lashes are made from synthetic silk having super thin magnets. When you wear them, you will feel no weight. They are 30 mm in length, and they cover the entire eye. Although they give a dramatic look, your lashes will still look natural. What’s wonderful is that you can wear one pair 5 to 7 times.
  2. Lashes with a natural look: Sometimes, a pair of false lashes seem too over-the-top but not these lashes. Magnetic eyelashes come with a handy applicator, which makes them super easy to put on. You can even wash them and reuse them. The added benefit is the natural look.

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

Applying magnetic false eyelashes is very simple, but a little familiarity and training are required.

Making the magnets adhere perfectly to each other and immediately identifying the correct position for our eye may require some attempt. The important thing is not to give up: by testing, and the results will not belong in coming. It is possible to apply them both with mascara and natural eyelashes. For a more intense effect and to “camouflage” them better, applying mascara first is definitely an excellent option.

Using the tweezers or fingers, it is necessary to rest the eyelashes higher than the natural ones. Subsequently, repeat the process in the lower part, taking care to make the magnets adhere better.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in magnetic lashes, you must be wondering how to apply them. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Apply some mascara on your natural lashes. This is meant to improve the grip.

Step 2: Place the magnetic lash (upper) across your lash line.

Step 3: Now lay the magnetic lash (lower) below your natural lash line. 

One of the biggest bummers about false lashes is whether or not they will fit onto your eyes. You will be glad to know that the strips of magnetic eyelashes can be trimmed. They will easily adjust to the shape of your eye.

What are the best Magnetic Eyelashes?

Check out what is selling best on Amazon. Choose any you like, but don’t forget to check the price tag and the material, of course. some lashes are made from 100% human hair while others produce synthetic lashes. If you have certain allergies, choose wisely.

How long do magnetic false eyelashes last?

The use of false magnetic eyelashes and their duration varies primarily based on the care in storing them and cleaning them every time. In general, these are not disposable products, so with the right attention, your purchase could last many weeks, without the need to renew it. We always recommend removing them after each use and cleaning them carefully, especially if you have also applied a light layer of mascara.

Do magnetic lashes ruin your real lashes?

Only if you mistreat your magnetic lashes, for example, by pulling them, the extensions will disappear with the fall of your natural eyelashes. It is always important to contact a professional. The only thing that could ruin your natural eyelashes is a bad application of the magnetic lashes.

Can you wear magnetic lashes every day?

Yes, you can wear them every day, but you need to take care of them. They require minimal care but clean them gently after each use if you want to use them again.

Can you swim with magnetic lashes?

It is not recommended to go for a swim when wearing them or take a shower with your magnetic lashes. But if you want to go for hiking or hot yoga, there is no problem with wearing them.

Can you sleep with magnetic eyelashes?

No, don’t sleep with your magnetic eyelashes. We recommend that remove them before going to sleep, whether that’s an 8-hour sleep or power nap. While you snooze, your magnetic eyelashes may damage permanently.

Can you wear magnetic lashes through airport security?

As all the airline companies have their own rules and regulations, but it is suggested that you shouldn’t wear them to go through airport security.

Magnetic Liner and Lashes – Are they safe?

The magnetic liner that comes with lashes sticks to the eyeliner. It is applied to your eyelid skin, so it is safe and shouldn’t cause lash loss. Instead, you have an allergic reaction to this liner or magnetic lashes.


Magnetic eyelashes are definitely super easy to apply, but they are not that comfortable. The whole time you are wearing them, you will know they are there. They don’t pinch, but you might feel a slight itch. But you will never know how good they are unless you try.

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