Color Street Nail Polish Strips – Quick Nail Manicure at Home

Nothing is more heartbreaking than getting manicure fresh off the boat and running it on your drive home. All the time and money you spent is gone to waste!

What if I tell you there’s an easy, less time-consuming and fun way out of this problem? The solution is Color Street Nail Strips. These strips have come to a woman’s world to save them from the nail fiasco. Let’s learn all about them.

What Are Color Street Nail Strips?

Color Street is a popular brand selling nail polish strips in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. It’s like getting a manicure at home without the help of a nail technician. These strips stick to your nails. They are super easy to apply and last for up to 2 weeks. Plus, they are affordable ranging between $11 and $14.

Color Street has been relying on independent beauty bloggers and Instagram women to sell their products. That’s why so many ambassadors are promoting these strips on Facebook and Instagram.

How To Apply Color Street Nails?

The application of Color Street Nails is very easy. Just peel the strips off the packaging and press them to your nails. You can also experimenting the designs by cutting the strips up and layering them together to create half-moon, stripes, or geometric patterns.

Here’s a brief description of the application:

  • Clean up your nails by removing the leftover nail polish.
  • File your nails and push the cuticles back.
  • The package also includes a mini file and 2 alcohol wipes to make things easier.
  • Once your nails are prepared, size the nail strips to fit your nails. For a lasting look, it’s important to find the correct size for each nail.
  • Remove the plastic covering strip.
  • Apply the adhesive part of the strips onto your nails.
  • Start with the pinky and move all the way to the thumb.
  • Make sure the strip is as close to the cuticle as possible
  • Smoothen it out by pressing it on your nails to ensure it sticks properly
  • File to remove the excess nail

Vola, you are done with a fresh and clean manicure at home. While you are applying the nails, you have to be a little cautious. These strips are sensitive to cold. They must be set at room temperature before applying. Otherwise, they won’t stick.

How Long Do Color Street Nails Really Last?

Ok, so it’s clear these nail polish strips are so super to apply but how long do they last? They last up to 2 weeks, which is great because an expensive manicure starts wearing out after a week. Since these strips are cheap, you can even change them every week for a new look. They respond to regular nail polish remover. This is a no-fuss way of changing your manicure.

There Is No Drying Time!

If you are impatient and you always smudge your nail polish because of the drying time involved, Color Street Nail Strips are a game-changer. There is no drying time involved. Once the nails are applied, you are done. Go ahead and do your hair, make diner, or even take a shower. They don’t streak or smudge. Unlike regular nail polish that wears out after every wash, these nail strips stick with you like a loyal puppy.

Does Color Street Ruin Your Nails?

The good news is Color Street Nail Strips are safe to use. They are made from 100% real nail polish. No vinyl material is involved (which is why they are ready to remove with a nail polish remover).

The adhesive does not cause any harm to your nails. Unlike acrylic nails that need to be chipped off for removal, these nail strips come off like regular nail polish. They don’t ruin your nails one bit.

Are These Strips For Short Nails?

Absolutely! They work equally well on long and short nails. In fact, if you have short nails, you are at an advantage. You can get two sets out of one package.

What’s the Difference Between Jamberry and Color Street?

Jamberry is a nail brand in business for 10 years. They sell nail wraps which are also salon-quality manicures. Jamberry nail wraps are cool but they are far complicated to apply than Color Street nail strips. Firstly, they are made of vinyl. Secondly, they require heat for application. The removal of the wraps is as complicated as their application. You have to heat them again to remove them and soak your nails in a nail polish remover. This makes them less convenient.

Are They Worth It?

Color street nail polish strips are totally worth it. They are a perfect replacement for applying nail polish again and again.

Check out some of the pros to this amazing product:

  • They are long-lasting. Feel free doing home chores, doing the dishes or taking a shower right after applying them
  • They are perfect for traveling. You don’t have to carry nail polish bottles. All you need is your favorite color or pattern of strips and a nail remover.
  • They are 95% dry already so there’s drying period involved.
  • Say goodbye to fear of smudging your nails and running the design
  • They are available in nail art designs too
  • Cleaning up is as simple as the application  

Final Words

The only drawback of Color Street Nail Polish Strips is they have limited range especially in solid colors. Hopefully, the company will release new designs soon. First-time users are not recommended to buy the glitter range. It’s a bit complicated to deal with. Overall, these are a great purchase. They look perfectly natural and they are very quick to apply. You might not get it right in the first try, which is totally fine. You will get a hang of it soon.

No drying time and smudge make them the favorite of all ladies. Applying and removing is extremely easy. The strips are made from nail polish and they are safe to use. If you have always wished for a manicure but don’t have enough budget to head to the salon, these strips are an affordable fix.

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