A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Makeup

The world of makeup is pretty vast – and this is something that can confuse people who want to dive into it. If you feel the same way, then you are at the right place. This post is intended to give you the most basic knowledge about how things work in the makeup world. Always remember that to reach the heights you need to start somewhere. Do not be intimidated by newest makeup trends and, using this post as an aid, start with your journey to ultimately get mastery over it. Here, we have everything you’d need to head in the right direction and move onto being more creative as time passes. Happy reading 😊

1. Foundation

After you have cleaned your face of impurities like dust or sweat off you face, your first step should be to apply foundation. The purpose of this product is to get you an even skin tone; cover blemishes, discoloration or acne spots on the face and therefore needs to be applied to the whole face. A foundation can be applied with a beauty blender, a flat foundation brush or even with your fingertips, no hard and fast rules for that. If you want to keep things more to the natural side and avoid thick layers, a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream was made just for you. These provide a soft looking cover that doesn’t look cakey. If you’re a fan of full coverage looks, a liquid foundation would work the best for you.

2. Concealer

You may be wondering if foundation provides coverage, what concealer is used for.  Notice those stubborn little blemishes that even show through the layer of foundation? And oh, how can we forget our ever so prominently mocking dark circles and eye bags, that’s what concealer is used for. To hide stuff still visible after you have applied foundation. Concealer is available in cream formulas as well as in liquid and sticks depending upon the coverage you’d like to have.

3. Bronzer

Bronzer comes in at the third step. Think of bronzer as something used to give dimension to your now completely even toned face since it’s covered with foundation. About choosing the right bronzer for your skin tone, look for a shade that’s a tanned version of your original skin colour. A bronzer adds warmth to the skin and creates an illusion of colour from within the skin and hence makes your skin look naturally healthy. It basically carves out the features previously smoothed out by the foundation.

4. Highlighter

As the name suggests, you are going to use a highlighter to highlight the areas of your face that you want to. Usually used at the top of the cheeks, above and below the brow bone, at the Cupid’s bow and along the jawline. It gives you the dewy glow you get to see all the time on Instagram.

5. Blush

Blush is the product used to enhance the flush of colour your cheeks naturally sport. But as you’ve covered that with a layer of foundation, you need to create that for yourself again. Since cheeks cover such a large part of our face, leaving them without colour is no option. So, no matter how dramatic you go with the eyes or how sultry your lips look, if the blush isn’t right nothing is right. You should always choose a blush shade that’s slightly darker than your natural colour at the cheeks or go for brighter shades such shimmery peach when experimenting. You again have an option to choose between what formula you want. Powder blushes come in really cute shades but cream blushes area lot more forgiving and would work best for beginners, so naturally the cream blushes have our vote.

6. Eye shadow

Beginners can get started by using a single shade, changing colours every day, for a natural looking appearance. This way you can know which shades suit you better and you like the most. This knowledge can then be used when choosing shades for creating different styles such as Smokey eye or a cat eye. For those looking to create Smokey eye, the rule is to use a neutral colour on the lids as a base, a medium shade at the crease and the brightest one above it and at the inner corners. As long as you follow this rule, you can go about any colour combination you like.

7. Eyeliner

Another absolutely essential component when it comes to makeup is the eyeliner. Where a thousand different ideas and techniques and formulas exit for putting on eyeliner, we recommend beginners to stick to the simple marking of the upper and lower lash line with a pencil liner for now. This will give you command over working on your eyes and also support the everyday minimal makeup look for ya.

8. Eyebrow pencil

Since eyebrow form the frame to our eyes, it’s important we don’t ignore them. Well groomed brows can be a game changer but still are a basic thing to do. Grab an eyebrow pencil and fill in spaces with sparse hair growth with subtle upwards strokes. Keep in mind that the shade you use only needs to be a bit darker than your original hair colour and not something entirely different. If you go for a shade that doesn’t match be ready for people to point at your brows and ask questions like ‘hey! Are those real?’, because they’re going to look hella fake.

9. Mascara

Make the lashes pop with this product which instantly opens up the eyes. Whether to go for a lengthening formula or the one that gives volume to the lashes should be decided according to your lashes. I know that we’re being basic here but I cannot contain myself from telling you about how magical is this device called eye lash curler is. Four seconds of work and your lashes are already touching the sky! Jokes and exaggeration apart, it really makes a difference and you need to see that for yourself.

10. Lips

Considering the number of options that exits when it comes to prettying your lips, one could go bananas deciding just that. Different formulas such as lipsticks, tints, stains, gloss etc. will give you a different look, for this reason you need to try different things to see what suits you the most. A colour closer to your original lip shade would be the best choice for a subtle look any day.

Let us know in the comments down below what makeup item did you get started with and we shall see you in the next post 😊

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