5 Easy Ways You Can Be A Wonderful New Grandparent

A baby indeed is a blessing to every family. Nothing compares to the joy that newborns give to both their parents and grandparents. You may have mastered parenting all throughout the years, but with being a grandparent for the first time, you’ll have a lot to learn, too.

But with the right approach, you’ll be a wonderful new grandparent in your child and your grandchild’s eyes!

Here are 5 grandparenting tips for first timers:

Remember, they’re your grandchildren, not your children

If you have a set of rules for raising your children, don’t expect the same ones applied to your grandkids, unless of course, the parents enforced them. Allow your child and his/her partner to raise their little one their own way – don’t expect a ringside seat and don’t offer unsolicited advice. If the new parents want your advice, they’ll ask for them. Make it a point to respect the parents’ decisions and boundaries.

Call Ahead

It’s so hard to resist your newborn grandson/granddaughter and if you could only spend 24/7 with them, you would. As hard as it may be to resist, do not just drop in at any time. Be sure to call ahead to make plans – new parents are under constant stress and they don’t need to go through the struggle of dealing with unannounced visitors, even when it’s family.

Always Offer Help

While having a newborn at home is truly a wonderful time, it’s also a very sensitive one. Always offer help and ask if there’s anything the couple or the baby needs, but don’t insist. Offer to take the baby to give mommy time for a nap or time to shower. Being present and helpful from day 1 shows the new family that you care and that you’re someone they can trust and rely on.

Don’t keep score

There’s nothing wrong with showering your grandchild with love, affection and gifts, but keep in mind that grandparenting is not a competitive sport. Don’t compete with the other set of grandparents or with anyone else – it’s never about who gave the biggest or most expensive gift, it’s about keeping it light and happy.

Be there for the new parents

People get so wrapped up about how adorable the new baby is that they forget to ask the new parents how they are. They’re also going through a huge adjustment and knowing they have a strong support system goes a long way.

Be a fabulous new grandparent in no time – follow these easy grandparenting tips!

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