2 Reasons Telephone Recording Has to Be a Part of Elder-Care

Telephone recording is more than just an addition to your current elder-care. It is a necessity. This is even more important for those with parents or elderly relatives that are just starting to notice dementia may be setting in. From forgetting little details to having no recall of major events, the progression of dementia can be very fast and the actions that occur as a result can cause serious issues in an elderly person’s life. Those with the huge responsibility of caring for someone elderly will quickly understand why using a telephone recording device is essential for their protection. Consider these two ways in which it can be used effectively for the elderly person that you care for:

1. Employ telephone recording on the phone that is used most in an elderly person’s household. As they interact with people in an effort to transact business, you will be able to review and identify information that they have missed or that may have been too difficult for them to resolve. It can be very hard for elderly people that are experiencing dementia to pick up on social cues, especially when they are on the phone. This is also important with regard to determining whether or not they received proper customer service should you need to address this issue with the company that they had to interact with. But above being confused, there is always the potential that their mental state could adversely affect their finances which could have a long term effect on the funds that are available for their care.

2. Another real threat for elderly people that are experiencing dementia is the chance that their own family members may try to cheat them out of their finances or try to persuade them into making estate related decisions. This doesn’t sound exceptionally nice, but in reality, it’s not a nice thing at all. It’s a terrible thing for a family member to try to do something so harmful to an elderly relative, yet people do this type of unhanded stuff every day. Having a telephone recording device in place to catch these unconscionable relatives and to offset any poor or quick decisions that they may have been pressured into could be extremely valuable for an elderly person’s protection.

Deciding to incorporate telephone recording into your current elder care plan could be a life saving experience for the elderly person that you love. Consider using a device that will allow you to record face-to-face conversations as well as those conducted over the telephone. Protecting your loved one and their finances is not just a responsibility; it is a commitment and an expression of appreciation for the love that they showed to you. Record them for their own good and for the good of your entire family.

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